Urban Survival Tactics

The UST-1 course is a basic introduction to urban survival and is designed for those individuals who live and work in an urban environment. The course emphasizes the importance of priorities and preparation as it pertains to crisis management and the need for life sustaining skills and gear. The course is based on real world practical knowledge gained during recent catastrophic events globally.  The student will learn about urban survival tools, sheltering, self-defense, improvised weapons, pre-planning and basic medical skills & equipment.

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Situational Awareness

The Situational Awareness for Everyone course (SAFE) is a web based program which focuses on the extraordinary challenges that may face you and your loved ones. Whether natural or man made those who find themselves in an unfolding violent event where a seemingly routine day suddenly turns into a crisis situation where your survival begins and ends with you!

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Hostile Surveillance Detection

This course will give the student and introduction to Hostile Surveillance. Based off modern surveillance techniques this course allows the student to identify surveillance and how to employ counter surveillance techniques. It will give the student the skills needed and builds their overall confidence to make critical decisions in a crisis situation.

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The Truth

Peace is not breaking out anytime soon. Mankind will continue to test the limits of mayhem and horror. If you are not prepared mentally and physically for violence and confrontation whether manmade or natural put your head back in the sand.  Those who are living in reality the information on our website will help you be better prepared when violence of nature or mankind is inevitable.

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