The Truth

Peace is not breaking out anytime soon. Mankind will continue to test the limits of mayhem and horror. If you are not prepared mentally and physically for violence and confrontation whether manmade or natural put your head back in the sand.  Those who are living in reality the information on our website will help you be better prepared when violence of nature or mankind is inevitable.

Stay safe,

Mr. Beige

The adventure begins when the plan ends. Prepare now at www.after-theblast.com

Masters of Chaos

When a crisis is upon you its is imperative that you are moving to avoid it,  moving to end it or moving to survive it because doing nothing has consequences also.

Mr. Beige

Founder & CEO

Mr. Beige is the founder of after-theblast.com and serves as the Director of Training. He provides Survival and Self Defense Tactics and Training to High Net Worth Individuals. He is a nationally recognized Law Enforcement and Defensive Tactics Trainer. He received his Facility Security Officers training from the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point.

Mr. Black

Vice President

Mr. Black is the lead firearms instructor. Having worked high threat operations on every continent Mr. Black brings a wealth of real world operations experience to ATB. A practical joker never turn your back on Mr. Black.

Mr. Grey

Op's Chief

Mr. Grey is the lead survival instructor. Having worked in Military and LE Spec Op’s as an 18 Delta “Doc Grey” is a good man to know. His hobbies include floral arranging and the “Art of the Ruffie” never leave your drink unattended when Mr. Grey is around.

Are you prepared.......

The adventure begins when the plan ends. Prepare now at www.after-theblast.com